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Discover the Wild Side of Off-Road Campers with SXC

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Everything needed for an adventure!

When purchasing a camp trailer, it is important to know the limits and abilities of the options. Camp trailers come with many different options in brand, size, durability, cost, plus more that may have an impact on travel plans. An off-road overland camp trailer can provide everything needed for an adventure.

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Off-Road Overland Trailer

Off-road overland trailers are camp trailers that allow you to take your camping and traveling to the next level with more rugged and durable driving abilities and structure. The technology and off-roading abilities are crucial for purchasing an off-road trailer. Features for enhancing off-road capability can include off-road hitch couplings, heavy duty axles and independent suspension systems for better ground clearance and improved off-road capability.


Most brands build trailers with robust materials and construction methods to withstand the rigors of off-road travel with reinforced cargo areas or roof racks for carrying outdoor gear like bikes, kayaks, or camping equipment. They may feature reinforced exteriors, heavy-duty fenders, and protective features like rock guards or skid plates.


Other important factors to consider are water and dust resistance. Companies often make off-road overland trailers with sealing and weatherproofing to keep out water, dust, and other elements that may be encountered in off-road environments.

What Sasquatch Campers Can Offer

Off-road camp trailers come in many different shapes and sizes with many different features and customizations. Sasquatch Campers' trailers are suited for people who have more ambitious traveling and camping plans and require more durability, amenities.


Sasquatch Campers offers two models, the Highland 60 and the Smuggler. The Highland 60 is an all-season camp trailer with a 60-inch-wide cabin with a queen-sized mattress. The Smuggler is an off-road cargo trailer with 90 cubic feet of storage.


Every Sasquatch has a compete kitchen, outdoor shower set-up, and a built-in water heater. The trailers include an articulating hitch, ARK XO 500 off-road trailer jack, and Bigfoot independent coil over suspension systems designed by Sasquatch to ensure improved off-road capability and safety. Other features include a Renogy 1,000-watt inverter charger, a Renogy DC-DC battery charger and 200-amp hour Renogy GEL battery with battery monitor, ACRE lined interior guaranteed not to rot or splinter, heavy duty aluminum roof rack for more storage, and BFGoodrich 285/65/R17 All Terrain T/A tires for maximum tire durability.

PRO Package

The Smuggler PRO package comes with everything the basic models have, plus some additional upgrades. These upgrades include a fold-down stainless-steel prep table, ARK drop- down corner steadies, and a 200-watt Renogy solar charging system. The Highland 60 PRO package adds a Propex 6500 BTU heater inside the trailer to warm the cabin on cold nights.

PRO-X Package

The upgraded PRO-X packages have even more additions for adventure. These additions include an upgraded 200-amp hour Renogy Lithium battery, an upgraded ARK XO 750 black off- road trailer jack, and an all included "Squatch-Box" - a roof rack undermount box design to store two 100-watt solar panels and a camp table.

Get Your Own

Sasquatch Campers' makes lightweight and reliable trailers with features and amenities to fit your off-road adventure needs. They are some of the lightest trailers on the market and have premium technology and features built for Sasquatch by Sasquatch. Go to Build Your Camper to start your Sasquatch journey.

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