Sasquatch Smuggler Offroad Camper Trailer in the Mountains

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Built rugged for the rugged.

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Born Out of the Rocky Mountains Adventure Campers
Photo Credit: Scott DW Smith
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Backcountry Campers

Innovative designs Our advanced designs incorporate lightweight aluminum and safety features to enable any level driver the means for exploration. All campers are designed with our Bigfoot Independent Suspension System and a low center-of-gravity water tank to keep you safe and in control of your journey. We partner with our customers to configure campers specific for their needs, whether that be solar and lithium options, color matching, or extended storage systems to name a few.

Born Out of the Rocky Mountains Our campers are designed, tested, and hand-crafted in the same terrain they are made to conquer. You may even find us out testing campers on our lunch break. Born out of some of the most epic terrain in the world, we go beyond the standard. Headquartered at 9,318 ft in elevation outside of Silverton, Colorado, the first sight each camper sees is literally a 4x4 trail.

Backcountry Campers
Backcountry Campers

Designed to fit your needs Adventure knows no bounds, and neither does our customer-centric experience. We understand that people have different desires and priorities, and that’s why our campers come with a variety of package options. Customers can build the camper that is right for them, every time.

Be a part of something legendary Like those in search of the legendary Sasquatch, we believe in searching for something more. We’re building a community of believers to create a supportive and inclusive space for adventure seekers, because sharing experience with others makes the journey and destination that much more rewarding. We believe in being stewards of our land, and through combined actions can care for and nurture our wonderful world for generations to come.

Backcountry Campers

The fun begins where the pavement ends