Black bear outside of Durango in the San Juan Mountains

Off Road Camping and Being "Bear Smart"

Posted on: February 11th, 2024 Back To All Entries

Tips on Bear Smart Camping.

Overlanding often offers breathtaking encounters with wildlife in their natural habitat. Off-Road camping often takes us into remote areas that are home to abundant wildlife, including bears. Bears possess an keen sense of smell and can be drawn to the scent of food from considerable distances. Encounters between bears and humans can lead to risky situations for both parties. It's crucial to take steps to avoid those encounters, and ensure the safety of everyone involved and enjoy wildlife at a safe distance.

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Practice Responsible Camping

When camping with overland camp trailers like the Highland 60 or Smuggler, overlanding enthusiasts play a role in promoting responsible camping practices by securing and minimizing attractants. Our trailers come equipped with elevated storage, secure locking mechanisms, and sealed containers minimize the risk of attracting bears to campsites. By securely storing food and minimizing enticing scents, campers not only safeguard themselves but also contribute to reducing conflicts between humans and bears.

The robust construction of the Highland 60 and Smuggler, featuring durable aluminum exteriors, not only enhances their resilience to rugged terrains but also serves as a formidable barrier against curious wildlife. What sets these off-road camp trailers apart is their ability to provide secure food storage solutions. Integrated storage options make them an optimal choice for keeping provisions out of reach from wildlife. With built-in cabinets, lockable compartments, and seals made by compression latches, Sasquatch off-road trailers offer a strategic advantage in preventing animals from accessing stored food.

Black Bear in Colorado - Photo: Milomedia

The Highland 60 and Smuggler are formidable choices for overlanding enthusiasts who prioritize ruggedness, functionality, and secure food storage. As we embark on adventures into the wild, it is essential to recognize the significance of responsible camping practices, particularly in areas inhabited by bears. Our overland camp trailers provide a reliable solution for minimizing the risks associated with wildlife encounters, and ensuring a safe and enjoyable outdoor experience for all.

For additional tips on camping in bear country, consider checking out Bear Smart Durango. While our equipment can greatly aid in bear safety, it's important to note that no container is entirely bear-proof. Therefore, users should implement all available methods to stay bear-safe.