The SasquatchXC Team in the highcountry above Silverton, CO

Who We Are

The team that makes the dream.

Welcome to SasquatchXC, where innovation meets adventure in the creation of premium off-road camp trailers. As seasoned trailblazing explorers, we craft campers that redefine the very essence of adventure, embodying the spirit of exploration and discovery.

Nestled in the heart of the San Juan Mountains in southwestern Colorado, our designs are inspired by the rugged terrain and majestic peaks that surround us. Here, at the crossroads of innovation and nature, the mighty SasquatchXC comes to life. Our team is more than just builders; we're passionate adventurers who hit the 4x4 roads in the backcountry whenever we're not hard at work crafting these exceptional trailers.

Our off-road campers, much like the elusive Sasquatch, are built to be rugged, agile, and ready for the challenges that nature throws their way. Fueled by our passion for ultimate overlanding adventures that nourish the human spirit, Sasquatch is your ticket to unparalleled freedom and exploration.

We meticulously chose the most durable and lightweight materials to ensure a camper that offers a safe and comfortable experience without compromising the true essence of a backcountry journey. And rest assured, we didn't cut corners on the kitchen, cab, or storage – we're committed to providing the full package for your adventure needs.

Choosing Sasquatch isn't merely a purchase; it's an invitation to freedom. It's the freedom to roam, play without bounds, and boldly venture where others only dream. It's about quality, safety, and comfort. Becoming a part of the Sasquatch tribe means joining a community that cherishes the great outdoors and actively safeguards its future. But above all, it's about creating memories that will last a lifetime.

Get ready to elevate your adventure game with Sasquatch – your trusted companion for off-road exploration.

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With the innate desire to find new roads, we yearn for the great outdoors and to be surrounded by the serenity of our world. SasquatchXC was founded on the aspiration to give people the ability to fall asleep under an expansive sky. We believe that the journey is just as important as the destination, and that our campers will give you the capability to get you there.


Professionally trained engineers, our founders bring years of design and manufacturing experience to every product. With previous roles in race car fabrication and industrial manufacturing, they know how to design and build strong, lightweight products with safety first in mind. All models come standard with an independent, heavy duty, coil-over suspension system designed specifically for Sasquatch Campers, and an advanced articulating hitch, giving users the confidence to find their own adventures.

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We believe the customer comes first and so we listen, provide action, and are responsive to feedback. We believe that your journey starts with building your trailer and provide and interactive buying process to ensure our customers receive the right product for their needs and goals. We want people to enjoy interacting with us, and if there is a need, they can consider it done.

We believe in COMMUNITY

We encourage people into the Sasquatch Community from day one. We believe we must learn from one another, share experiences, and create supportive networks. We take pride in the beauty and power of the community that surrounds us and aim to support the local community by partnering with local organizations and offering living wages to our employees. We promote responsible use in the backcountry and preservation of our lands through sustainable recreation.

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