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We are Sasquatch.

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Sasquatch Expedition Campers was founded in 2021 in Silverton, CO when three long-time, adventure seeking friends, Kass & Beth Kremer and Daryl Magner, dreamed up the idea during a backcountry camping trip in the San Juan Range of the Rocky Mountains in southwest Colorado. After an exciting day exploring and finding camp, they watched as every other person headed back for their hotels and RV sites. It was that picturesque night under an expensive sky, that they began to wonder what they could build so that others might share this experience.

The trio originally met in California when working as mechanical & industrial engineers in the energy sector. Kass and Beth married, and Daryl moved overseas and began inventing and patenting technology. For the next couple years, both groups frequently moved around but kept in touch. It wasn't until the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, and desire to get out of their homes, that the trio met up outside Silverton for a weekend in the mountains. That became the weekend where the idea of Sasquatch was born.

Over the following months, their campfire dream eventually became a reality as Sasquatch Expedition Campers, a business offering the most rugged camp trailers on the market. With their years of design and manufacturing experience, Daryl's prior time working in race car fabrication, and their understanding of backcountry expedition travel, they designed, built, and tested campers in the same mountains where their dream was born.

Today, the headquarters, The Den at 9,318', sits just south of Silverton at the base of Sultan Mountain. All campers are handcrafted by the Sasquatch crew and inspected to ensure every attention to detail and safety is met. Sasquatch is proud to be located in Silverton, a resilient and supportive community and hope to bring additional year-round, livable wage jobs to the area.


With the innate desire to find new roads, we yearn for the great outdoors and to be surrounded by the serenity of our world. Sasquatch Expedition Campers was founded on the aspiration to give people the ability to fall asleep under an expansive sky. We believe that the journey is just as important as the destination, and that our campers will give you the capability to get you there.


Professionally trained engineers, our founders bring years of design and manufacturing experience to every product. With previous roles in race car fabrication and industrial manufacturing, they know how to design and build strong, lightweight products with safety first in mind. All models come standard with an independent, heavy duty, coil-over suspension system designed specifically for Sasquatch Campers, and an advanced articulating hitch, giving users the confidence to find their own adventures.

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We believe the customer comes first and so we listen, provide action, and are responsive to feedback. We believe that your journey starts with building your trailer and provide and interactive buying process to ensure our customers receive the right product for their needs and goals. We want people to enjoy interacting with us, and if there is a need, they can consider it done.

We believe in COMMUNITY

We encourage people into the Sasquatch Community from day one. We believe we must learn from one another, share experiences, and create supportive networks. We take pride in the beauty and power of the community that surrounds us and aim to support the local community by partnering with local organizations and offering living wages to our employees. We promote responsible use in the backcountry and preservation of our lands through sustainable recreation.

backcountry campers
backcountry campers

The fun begins where the pavement ends